Do I Need Title Insurance on a Newly-Built Home?

When you’re the first to build a home on a lot that was previously empty, it might seem like you don’t need title insurance, as there was no house their before yours. However, even though you were the first to build a house on the lot, the unimproved land may have changed hands several times before it came to you. Title searches can uncover any liens on the property.


Where could a lien on an improved property come from? One possible scenario is that a previous owner and builder intended to improve the property, but didn’t pay the subcontractors and suppliers. As a result, the subcontractors and suppliers could have placed a lien on the property. While you may not have been aware of this when you bought the property, a lender won’t finance your mortgage unless the title is clear. Another possibility is that there was a house on the lot at one time, but it was destroyed by a natural disaster, or removed by man-made means.


Lenders also want to verify that they are insuring the correct property. The boundaries of unimproved properties may have become fuzzy over time, which could result in disputes with property owners who share borders with your property. A survey can determine the correct bounds of the property, which will allow the lender to insure the correct property.


In summary, even if the property you’re building on is unimproved, you will need title insurance, as the property likely had one or more previous owners.


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