What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is part of the closing costs of buying a home that is sometimes unanticipated. However, it could prove to be a huge benefit to you in future. Here’s why.

home title insurance

Title insurance covers you in the event that any prior ownership of the property comes into question. This is because a title itself is not a physical piece of paper, it is a record of all previous ownerships and liens of the property. The deed on the other hand, is a physical document.


So why might you need insurance on something that doesn’t even physically exist? When you sign a contract to buy a house, the next step in the process involves pulling the records for the property and verifying that all previous lien and ownership documentation that have been filed are valid. The county recorder only verifies documents, he or she does not verify their validity.


Therefore, if any questionable documentation arises (e.g. if any liens are found to be invalid or if anyone who claimed to own the property was not actually a titleholder) during this period after you sign the contract called the title search, the burden of any payment (if required) will be on the insurance company and not you, if you have title insurance. If you do not have title insurance it will come out of your own pocket. While costs vary depending on the situation, this is an expense that many homeowners do not want to incur, and it can be easily avoided by having title insurance.


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